Each class is 45 minutes, here’s what to expect:

1. Wrap up – please arrive at least 15 minutes before class to get wrapped and ready.

2. Get warm – activate your muscles with a combination of body weight exercises: lunge, squat, jump and get ready for the workout ahead.

3. Get fit – your workout consists of 10 three-minute rounds.
Each round has two parts: a bag and body. First, your instructor will guide you through your two-minute aqua bag boxing round, teaching you various punches and techniques. Then the last minute of each round is spent on the floor using steps and dumbbells to focus on HIIT and functional fitness.

4. Get ripped – now for the final stretch, focus on your core with a
three-minute abs workout.

5. Cooldown – You’ve been Drenched and you deserve a cool down.
Stretch out those muscles; high five yourself for the workout you’ve just nailed.

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